Chakravarti Samrat Vikramaditya

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Chakravarty Samrat Vikramaditya
(102 BC – 15 AD)

We are discussing a king who was Chakravarty - which literally means the ruler of the kingdom in all four directions without any other king challenging him. His name Vikramaditya means ‘Vikram’ – one who is wise, brave, moral, and victorious + ‘Aditya’ meaning ‘of Aditi’, Newly rising sun, sun God. So he was “mighty as Sun”. There was no other emperor comparable to him. Fourteen Indian kings gave him the title of Vikramaditya.

This legendary king started his rule at the age of 20 at the coronation at Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) India. He was the son of parents Gandharvasen and Virmati. He had one elder sister Menavati and elder brother Bharthuhari. His elder brother became a saint and went to the forest under teacher Gorakhnath, who later guided King Vikramaditya as well. He was the father of his son Vikramsena.

Historian Abhijit Chavada says: Old historians tell this story of Vikramaditya as a myth and do not agree. In fact, they are themselves fake and they tell anything fake! In fact, it is a truth beyond doubt found in people of older generations. Exact details are difficult to find because Muslim rulers burnt ancient universities and libraries.

Vikramaditya won over invading ‘Shaka’ Iranian Kithiyans and conquered a large kingdom of India. He had organized his rule over ¾ of the world and whole of the Asia. Vikramaditya defeated Romes’ Julius Caesar in battle. His army comprised 3 crore soldiers, 10 crore vehicles, 24300 elephants, and 400000 ships.

“Navratna” (Nine gems of his ministers)

He was an intelligent king known for his justice. While sitting on the throne his speech was considered words of God (Dev-vani) and gave perfect justice. His team of nine ministers is as follows:
  1. Dhanvantari: Ayurvedic Scholar Physician
  2. Kshapanak: Budhdha Sanyasi who wrote books: Bhikshatan and Nana Kosh
  3. Shanku: Jyotish, Auther Expert in Sciences.
  4. Ghatkapara: Sanskrit Scholar. He pledged to bring water with a pot having a hole!
  5. Varuchi: Poet – Teacher of Son
  6. Amarsinha : Writer : Books : Amarkosh Namalinganushashan.
  7. Varahmihir: Astrologer
  8. Kalidas : Poet and writer. Books : Meghdoot and Abhigyan Shakuntal about Indian History.
  9. Betal Bhatt (Vikram Vetal) : (Authour)

  1. Nitipradip (Lamp of Conduct)
  2. Betal Panchdrisi (5 stories of Vampire)
  3. Sinhasana Battisi (32 stories of the throne)

  • Vikram Samvat: He started the Sanatan Calendar naming Vikram Sanvat giving details of weeks and months. (57 BC)
  • Royal road of 1700 miles: He was visionary to construct the world’s longest road of 1700 miles which could be traveled by Postman in 6 to 9 days. (instead of three months)
  • Vedic Bharat: Because King Ashok became Buddha disciple and ruled according to Buddhism, the Hindu religion was fading out. Vikramaditya was a reformer of Vedic Bharat Varsha. He taught Mahabharata, Ramayan, and Bhadvad Gita. He saved Sanatan Dharma and spread Vedic knowledge all over the world.
  • Golden Age: India was the richest country in the world. We had golden coins for our day-to-day needs. Our cloth was sold as per the weight of Gold. Indian public was religious, rich, and happy. So this period is rightly said “Golden Age”.

Well, with all the above details, there is nothing wrong, if we accept him as “Chakravarty Samrat Vikramaditya”. We have to learn the details of the glorious past and acknowledge the greatness of ancient India after recording all these details of Indian History.

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