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Are Old-age-homes Meant For My Parents?

Or if I may ask, are my parents worth sending and keeping in an old-age-home?

The need for time demands more and more old-age-homes to be built. Because:
Expense: No problem.Monthly payment amount: No problem.Servants, cook and other staff needed: No problem.Whatever has to be done: No problem!

Pune Or Bangalore?

Pune or Bangalore?  Even Chhatrapati Shivajirao Bhonsale was confused.

Shivaji Maharaj was born in 1630 at the Shivneri Fort near Pune and stayed there for 10 years with his mother Jijabai. (From Shivneri Fort, his name Shivaji was derived.)His father Shahaji used to work in Bangalore with Sultan Adilshah of Bijapur.
Shivaji was a strong headed person and did not bow down his head to Sultan. To save him from the punishment, his father Shahaji sent him back from Bangalore to Pune where he became the king.

Content Vs. Progressive


ContentSimplicityNon-violence andLet-go ('tyaagi') attitude
These characters are ideal for anybody. But at the same time, they may make you idle (not ideal, but idle) and stop your progress.

Before Saying "Yes" For Marriage

Typically marriages are decided by one of these two methods in our society:
Arranged Marriage: Socially accepted and practised method where ‘offer’ for marriage is given by appropriate party and then, marriage is finalized on the basis of match-making.Love Marriage: Recently established way of selecting marriage partner after some contact, friendship and/or attraction because of looks. Here prospective partners for marriage decide themselves marry with or without consent from parents and families.

All Of Us Know This, But Shall We Follow?

As responsible citizens of this planet, we have some duties towards her - towards our future generations. We all already know about them, I'm sure.

Good Nature Is Worth...

I would like my blog readers to comment the way they understand the following:

Good nature 
is worth,
more than knowledge,
more than money and more than any honour
to those who have it.
- H W Beechar

Breaking The Chain Of Relations

Break verb.
InterruptTo stop doing something for a whileDestroyEnd of relationChainnoun.
Connection by links or ringsSeries of connected things e.g. hotels, shopsContinuous connection due to attachmentsRelationnoun.
Way in which one person is connected/associated with anotherContacts or link between people, groups or countriesAttachment between two because of birth, marriage or contact

Balancing Relations

Balancing two sides of relations:
A son/daughter: Parents and offspringsA married woman: Parents and parents-in-lawsA married son: Wife and parents When you are any of the above, you are an in-between person. You have to be tricky, cautious and careful person in handling either side maintaining your own views or you will be in trouble. You need not be judging any, but you have to be neutral and caring both.

Void After My Father's Departure

One year back, I was writing about myself in an article Death at 60. I wrote there I was ready to die at any time, but given a choice, I would like to wait until my father was alive. My purpose for this demand of concession was my desire to support my father morally and physically in his old age. Well, he did not agree to this and went away forever on his own. So, I can loudly pronounce now “I am ready to die!”

However, I have yet to learn how to react to someone when I disagree with and/or my ideas differ in total from the concerned person. At present, in such situations, I keep myself away and withdraw myself. It can be labelled as escapism. But coming to consensus or agreement is not always easy. Due to the generation gap or a conservative approach of parents, the difference of opinion is bound to be there. Here, both parties should take care of maintaining the dignity of the other. The ideal option is to ignore the nature of the parents and forgive them immediately.

Beware Of Television Side-effects

Caution! Beware of television serials (soap operas), news channels and panel discussions on different issues. They will disturb your psyche, sleep and thought process. They will make you think and worry with stress all the while.

Vow – A Solemn Religious Promise

A vow is actually a transaction between God and a deity. Here a promise is made by an individual to God at some critical moment.

(Gujarati equivalent words are Baadha - બાધા, AkhadiAgadVrat - વ્રત)

To tell, in other words, it is an oath where divine being is the recipient of the promise. Actually, God is usually understood to be granting some special favour to His devotee in return of some promise made or service offered. The troubled individual persuades God to give what he desires and help him out in time of need and crises. A vow is also a promise to offer something at once to God on getting the expected result.

3 Steps OSHO Meditation Technique

OSHO's 3-step Medication Technique

1. Breathing: 10 minutes

Sit in a comfortable relaxed position with back straight at 90 degrees with the base and keep your eyes closed without pressure on lids.

Take deep breathing in and do deep breathing out for 10 minutes. Pay attention to breathing only.

2. Total acceptance and non-resistance: 10 minutes

While continuing to pay attention to breathing, you hear sounds of birds, children, vehicles and such things around. Just do not get disturbed because of noise, instead, accept them as being natural and accept them without resistance. You will feel a great depth of meditation.

3. Egolessness: 10 minutes

Being aware of sounds as accepted and paying attention to breathing, think I am nobody, think I am not anywhere and be egoless. Continue thinking that you are a droplet becoming ocean by falling into the ocean. You will feel united with GOD and feel one with GOD… a desire of many to be so.

Do this for half an hour before going to bed and get…

Visiting The Friends/Family: When And How?

Why and how should we visit our close relatives/friends? Close relatives are the best God-gift,. I would first like to talk about who they are, to start this article. They are:
ParentsSon/daughterBrother/sisterAbove relatives-in-law andClose friends

I Am

Inspired by the title of the blog “I Am” of my niece Khushbu Desai, I thought I should write my views on I AM and the result follows.

I am a son.
I am a brother.
I am a husband.
I am a father.
I am an uncle.
I am father-in-law.
I am relative.
I am a friend.

Changing Was Never So Easy

Is change really easy? Let me start with the dictionary meanings of words ‘change’ and ‘easy’.

Change [cheynj] –verb
To alter
To modify
Pass from one form to another
To do something different

Easy [ee-zee] –adjective
Not difficult
Done or obtained without much effort
To move something gently and slowly

Bhagavad Gita - Short And Straight

Have you read Bhagavad Gita - also known as Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? A positive answer is not much awaited and so this article - giving details in a precise and shortest way. Just read every line and try to be with me in this story-telling. I am sure you will end up with great surprises.


Here, Bhagavad means GOD. Gita means singing poetry.

The context of the story is a dialogue - conversation, taking place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra war between Lord Krishna (kṛṣṇa) and Pandava prince Arjuna.

At The End Of The Day...

I have used the word 'day' to tell about LIFE here.
What is the balance-sheet of a life made of?Is it the sum total of years one lived, health, wealth one gathered or positions one held?Who will then certify the statement? Oneself, crowd present in the funeral or the friends at the time of condolence meeting? I am confused.

The Gadget Illness

The modern day 'Gadget Illness: Checking Facebook, Emails, Twitter, etc. and Caller IDs of the mobile phone repeatedly, say now and then, is an illness most of the people today have. What do they search every often? It makes them slave of the gadget. Be alert!

People doing job or some business are exception in some cases.


Stress is pressure or worry resulting from mental or physical distress or difficult circumstances.

For all the intelligent, sincere and responsible individuals, stress is an outcome of one’s activity. It has to be there. All one needs is to see it as essential force for progress/development and not more than that.

One has to be a distant viewer-observer or witness to the said situation and not part of it.

How to get rid of it?


It is a note in the newspaper about someone's death. A big number of people read that first and many times read only that much.

They are often happy knowing that their equal aged person is dead and oneself is not dead... alive!

Some of them would want to relive the past with the dead person and again be satisfied thinking: S/he is no more, but I being a greater one, is still alive!

The pleasure is present in death of others without sorrow/sadness of the event. What a tragedy!


If spending money makes you angry, irritable, tense or unhappy, it is a sign showing your income is less than your own capacity to earn.You know your earning level, but your attempts need more sincerity and planning.

Before You Post On Facebook

When one writes post/comment to express one's views on Facebook, one is addressing a big number of audience - friends, colleagues and others. So it is prudent to be careful about spelling, grammar and punctuations or it will look insulting your friends. It will show as if you are attending party without proper make-up!

Long Vacation At Bengaluru

After voluntary retirement as Government Medical Officer, my wife Dr Bhavana (Devyani) wanted to have a vacation and I joined her. The long break of 14 days (2 weeks) was starting on date 9th March 2011 and ending on 23rd March 2011. We planned to stay at Rahul’s (our son) residence at Bangalore and return to Bilimora.

Vacation - is stopping the continuous job/work and retire at some place at leisure. We know vacation is a change of activity and we did that. It is a recess, say a break or temporary cessation of routine work.

Is vacation necessary?

Game For Happy Life

Ask yourself. "What do I really want?"

Take a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser. Jot down, from your mind, 10 things that you want from your life (things that will make you feel happy). For example, things like:
Happiness and peace of mindBeing loved and well-beingGood healthLots of moneyLoving spouse/children and their happinessPower and position in job/professionNice houseLovely holidaysGood educationGood workplace


My observations at Brigade Road, M G Road, Church Street, K Kamraj Street and Commercial Street on 15-03-2011 between 4 and 9 PM:
Youth are more than 90%They wear Jeans-Tshirt and shoes (both sex).90% are coupled with opposite sex partner - with hand on the back or other partner's hand.Males have big forehead, while females have small.They love to smoke a cigarette.Most of them are busy talking on mobile.They would love using credit/debit card more than cash.

Failure In Professional Life

We do not fail for the want of skill per se.

We fail because of our:
unconsciousness,permanent unease (restlessness),lack of concentration, andsometimes, lack of interest in the work we do. Then, all one needs for success in whatever one does is:

Computer Vision Syndrome: Remediation

Continued from: Computer Vision Syndrome

The most typical symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome (or CVS) is 'Dry eye'. Most common factors that can cause 'Dry eye' are:
Decreased blink rateLid conditionsHigh gaze angleLow humidityContaminants in environmentAir conditioner vents

Computer Vision Syndrome

If you use a computer, it’s a reason enough for you to read this article. This is the first article of two-part series on Computer Vision Syndrome.

The information is extracted from Dr. Vineet Ratra’s (DNB FRCS) presentation in All India Ophthalmological Conference 2011. Dr. Ratra is Senior Consultant at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Ideal Wedding Gift

What is the ideal amount to be given with 'blessings' at the time of someone's wedding? 101.. 151.. 251... 501 or more?

No amount is OK... Ideal is zero!

Your relationship is priceless... no need of being pseudo-formal.

Message On Valentine's Day

Interesting Message on Valentine's Day:
I want to love so many people simultaneously and unconditionally... but I cannot do with each and everyone that come across. To the extent, I start hating some only on my impression after seeing someone.

Facebook Users Grading

Facebook users grading, in my opinion:
Expresses one's views on different subjects and responds to friends with comments.Only gives comments to Facebook material by friends.Only clicks like button when likes, but does not tell one's viewsOpens Facebook and reads, but then silent.Never sees Facebook, someone/oneself has started FB account, that's all!

24 Hours Of Traveling Public Transport - An Experience

My Car  to Desai Eye HospitalMy wife’s car (Dr Bhavana Desai) to Bilimora Railway StationSayaji Nagari Express  to SuratAuto Rickshaw  to Dayalji Ashram (a Marriage Function)Walk to God Dod RoadAuto Rickshaw  to Dr Bhaskar D Acharya’s BungalowCar  to Surat S.T. Bus TerminusState Transport Super-fast Bus to NavsariLocal Bus  to Eru Cross Roads Three-wheeler Tempo to Khara AbramaThree-wheeler Tempo to AmalsadThree-wheeler Tempo to BilimoraBrisk walk  for early home

Resolving Conflicts

I said:

If you want to tell something to your close ones – son/ daughter/ parents/ parents-in-law/ brother-sister-in-law/ sons-daughters-in-law – regarding some misunderstanding, problem, disagreement, expectation, etc., tell the concerned one directly instead of telling others.

Because -
Telling others will complicate the issue rather than solving it.The other person will add her/his own material to the story and then tell. Your story may be changed in total.The other person may enjoy your situation in place of sympathizing you!If you tell your emotions directly to the concerned one, it may solve the issue.Telling the close person directly will make a great difference.

Activeness On Facebook

I see my friends on Facebook active, even hyperactive, for sometime and then inactive or say silent for a long gap to appear again. Is it a mood variation from euphoria to depression that is the cause or other engagements elsewhere? What do you think is the reason?

Privacy On Social Networking

Privacy and Security Advisers tell, follow this while being on social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.):

Avoid putting photos showing details of homeDon't give your travel/tour programme in detailsDon't disclose your whereaboutsAvoid giving contact details like address, mobile and E-mail